The study of scripture is at the heart of our academic program.

While collegiate general education is offered, as is an array of instrucion in the practical skills of Christian ministry, all programs require a major in Biblical Studies.

Within the Boston Baptist College family there is complete unity in the confession of the Bible as God's inerrant Word and the challenge to understand truth in all disciplines through the context of the divine revelation.

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Bachelor of Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree is a four year program, and every student is a Biblical Studies major. Regardless of future goals, a thorough understanding of the Word of God is vital. Dynamic courses include Old and New Testament surveys, Interpretation of Scripture, and Jesus and Christianity Through the Ages. These and many other courses provided the foundation in Biblical truth that equips Boston students to understand and impact their world for the cause of Christ. Each Biblical Studies major chooses a minor that best suits his or her ministry goals.

Biblical Counseling Minor

This minor is designed to identify the Biblical mandate for counseling within the context of the local church and to affirm the sufficiency of Scripture to give solutions for man's problems. Both secular and integrated counseling are examined and contrasted to the Biblical model of change. Students are encouraged to examine their own hearts and lives through the lens of Scripture.

Business Minor

The minor in Business is ideal for students who want a general understanding of the concepts of management and business strategies. The program is particularly structured for entrepreneurial approaches in the global marketplace, and embraces the paradigm of effective business as a "ministry" with goals far beyond just merely turning a profit.

Church Ministries Minor

This minor deals with a variety of subject areas that are pertinent to general church ministries. Students are free to take ministry skills courses that deal with their particular interests relative to Christian service. This allows for greater flexibility as well as exposure to different styles and techniques of both traditional and modern approaches.

Cross-Cultural Ministries Minor

Prepare yourself to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to an ethnically, socially, and religiously diverse world. Emerse yourself in both classroom and on-the-field mentoring, learning effective cross-cultural strategies of church planting from experienced missionaries, as well as a thorough history of Christian missions throughout the centuries.

Educational Ministries Minor

If you have a teacher's heart, the Education Ministries Minor may be the perfect fit for you. Designed to prepare the next generation of Christian educators, this program focuses on the skills and principles necessary for great teachers. Boston Baptist College offers three possible tracks that may lead to state licensure.

Music Ministry Minor

“Music is the universal language of mankind” (Longfellow). To perform, lead, and focus the hearts of others on God through the use of music is a ministry which can be extremely fulfilling. At Boston Baptist College we recognize the importance of this ministry. The courses in this study will equip you to not only understand music theory and the technical aspects of music but it will teach you the skills needed to transform notes into worship. This can be a life-transforming minor.

Pastoral Ministries Minor

The Pastoral Ministries Minor is designed to equip future pastors with instructional guidance in both preaching and pastoral skills. Development of preaching skills is highly emphasized. Students in this minor will incorporate and demonstrate material from various classes in the development of the art of Biblical preaching.

Youth Ministries Minor

The Youth Ministries Minor will prepare the student for youth ministry in a local church setting. Each student will have a dynamic opportunity in class to study theoretical and practical principles for reaching young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Classroom experience will be combined with a number of opportunities to interact on a deep level with teenagers.

Associate in Science

The Associate Degree is designed to be a two-year program that is a stepping stone toward a bachelor’s degree. The Associate in Arts in Biblical Studies has a core of Biblical Studies courses as well as courses in Ministry Skills, Cross-Cultural Studies, and General Education. This 64 credit hour program transfers easily into the Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree program.

Certificate in Biblical Studies

The One-year Bible Certificate is designed specifically for people who want more training in the Bible without seeking a degree. For one year, you can take core Bible courses and strengthen your Biblical foundation. The One-Year Bible Certificate is an excellent choice for Sunday School teachers who want to have more of a knowledge base, lay leaders in local churches, and church members who want to enhance their understanding of God’s Word. The Bible Certificate is a 29-hour program that can be completed in two full-time semesters or through part-time study. The Bible Certificate is also designed for a smooth transition into a Biblical Studies degree program.


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