That's how many colleges there are in the "Athens of America" that are dedicated to the study of Scripture. Some people call Boston the smartest city in the country, based on its almost 100 colleges and over a quarter of a million students from all over the world. SURELY, we want the Gospel to have a place in this ultimate battlefield for the 21st century mind!

Boston Baptist College is the ONE place in this
great university city where this dream comes true.

Accredited? Of course.
Innovative and rigorous? Absolutely.
Broad educational options? Certainly.

All our programs include a major in Biblical Studies.
At Boston Baptist College, that's what we do!

Our students genuinely learn to think biblically, as they discover globally (from archaeological digs in Israel to study programs across the biblical and church history landscapes) so they can impact eternally.

And that's exactly what they are doing!
Boston alumni have gone to every continent and have led ministries in more than 20 states!

Help us!
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to keep pushing Boston Baptist College forward!
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